Vins d'Alsace

  • Riesling Glintzberg :
    A nose showing the complexity of the Riesling grape. Notes of ripe fruit give way to highlights of rosemary, heather and Provence. The same aromas fill the mouth to produce a long-lasting, balanced wine with a rich texture and lovely freshness, ending in a finish typical of the terroir, with good acidity and a hint of salt. A wine for cellaring.

  • Riesling Thalberg :
    A nose marked by yellow fruit and herbal notes that gradually open out. The mouth offers a nice freshness, followed by a dense harmony of flavours. A lively Riesling, with a minerally acidity typical of the terroir, that will develop with cellaring. The excellent balance is one of the estate's hallmarks.

  • Gewurztraminer Glintzberg :
    Pale yellow, clear and bright, with golden highlights. A complex nose brings out lime blossom, acacia, wild rose and fresh fruit layered over hints of caramel and spice. 
The mouth ushers in the varietal's primary aromas, with exotic wild flowers that fill the mouth and offer a lovely complexity. This is a Gewurtztraminer in the drier style, with excellent breeding and balance. The finish is long-lasting, with good acidity and the mineral notes typical of the terroir.

  • Sylvaner Grand A Petit Léon :
    The grapes for this Sylvaner come from a parcel planted some 30 years ago on the Altenberg, whence its name, Grand A. The young wine offers a cheerful fruity and floral character which with age gains in complexity and finesse to take on the typical character of the Altenberg, with its well-balanced acidity.
The wine is clear and bright with yellow-green highlights. The nose is fresh and subtle with herbal and fruity notes of chives, elderberry and hawthorn. The mouth is lively and straight, with a good balance between fruit tannins and acidity, producing a refreshingly enjoyable persistence.
The finish is marked by a slight bitterness that blends well into the wine's character and also citrus fruit that brings back the liveliness of the first impression.
A remarkable Sylvaner for enjoying by itself or for drinking with fish and charcuterie, for example.

  • Muscat Glintzberg :
    A pale yellow wine with an very straight, intense nose typical of the varietal. The mouth is elegant and fine, with marked notes of ripe fruit, balanced by good acidity which adds subtlety and lightness.

  • Pinot Gris :
    A yellow wine with clear, bright character and green accents. the nose is typical of the grape, with aromas of the autumn (moss, wet leaves) along with a good hint of tropical fruit.
In the mouth, the wine is powerful and stocky, but without any heaviness and opens up gradually to reveal caramel and cooked fruit.
A seductive Pinot Gris with a generous, long-lasting finish.

  • Pinot Blanc :
    A bright, clear wine with a nice yellow colour and green highlights.
The nose is elegant and opens up to reveal notes of ripe pear, white flowers and hawthorn.
The mouth is enjoyably elegant, with lovely, fruity aromas typical of the blend of Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois. A wine to be drunk in its youth, the perfect companion for charcuterie and light meals. At bottling, fruit offers a dominant note, with strawberry and banana in the foreground, gradually giving way after a few months to apple and pear.