Bergbieten.jpgBergbieten is small village of quiet charm, nestled between Molsheim and Marlenheim. The history of the Schmitt family has been intertwined with that of the village since at least 1610.
Bergbieten was founded in the 9th century and its development, like many other villages in the region now called the "Golden Crown" (Couronne d'Or), owes much to the Merovingian kings.
Winemaking has always been part and parcel of life in the village and might even have pre-dated it, as the Romans are known to have planted vines in the area.

The vineyards of the village and its surrounding areas have always been renowned, at least within the region, for the quality of their wines. They attracted favourable comment right from a very early age and gradually became the Bishop of Strasbourg's personal vineyards, which brought further renown.
The development of the village's wines, however came down in essence to the improvement in transport. In the Middle Ages, the Rhine provided the best means for carrying Bergbieten wines to northern Europe, but it was with the extension of the railway network in the 19th century that the wines of the village and of the Strasbourg region gradually became known in the rest of Europe.
Our wines are now on the lists of many of the world's great restaurants and continue to offer lovers of fine food and wine the pleasures of a unique terroir.